Yogurtland Riverside

Yogurtland is a self-serve restaurant located on University Avenue close to University of California Riverside.  It opened in April of 2010 and has been serving the community ever since. Although approximately fifty people are served on any day, Saturday is the busiest day of the week.  Because of the location close to the university, most of the customers are students and their families.

YL 11

1242 University Ave suite a, Riverside, CA 92507

Walking into Yogurtland, customers are greeted by an employee and a grey and green decor.  Single tables are available to enjoy a dessert. Along the back wall, guests can pick a bowl and fill it with as many yogurt flavors as they desire.  After, picking ice cream flavors, one can choose from a variety of toppings and sauces to go along with it. Once someone is ready to enjoy their creation they can take their yogurt to the check out where it will be charged by weight in ounces.




In terms of choices, Yogurtland has lots!  Yogurtland has 16 amazing flavors, such as cheesecake, honeydew, and fresh strawberry. But out of all 16 flavors, vanilla is their most popular. Not to mention the diversity moves further than ice cream flavors, it expands to sauces, and toppings. Some sauces may include strawberry, raspberry, peach, and leche. The toppings are an assortment of fruit, chocolates, nuts, and cereals to name a few. Rocio is the employee whom  was chosen to be interviewed by our C3 members. She told us her absolute favorite combination of frozen yogurt is strawberry and vanilla.

Rocio at Work
Rocio was amazing when it came to answering the many questions that Uni students had for her.
YL 6
Toppings Galore!

If someone wants to work at Yogurtland, applicants need to have an open schedule and be available to work several shifts a week.  Future employees need to be over sixteen but currently the staff range in age from eighteen to twenty-one. Alfredo is one such staff member who is known to be responsible and hard working. Rocio is another fantastic employee.  After all, it was Rocio who was chosen to be interviewed by four teenagers and she did so with a friendly smile.   


YL 9YL 10YL 2

As an outing for Uni’s C3 Club members, the experience was amazing.  The employees were very nice and helpful. The frozen yogurt played another great role due to the great taste. Our club recommends you check it out!


Composed by Dalilah, Quinniece, and Audrie. (With a little bit of assistance from Miss O’Reilly)

A Note From the Teacher:

I cannot express adequately how thankful we are that Yogurtland  provided  students with an opportunity to interview employees, take copious amounts of notes and pictures, as well as  create some amazing cups of frozen yogurt.  Students were fully prepared to pool their allowances to enjoy the fruits of their labor but Yogurtland would not accept any form of payment.  Uni appreciates and values your support! Thank you, Rocio, for meeting with the students!  Thank you, Mr. Yong Cho for being willing to be the first to hostess and to treat our wonderful students!















16 thoughts on “Yogurtland Riverside

  1. What a well written article! These students did such a great job of showcasing Yogurtland—it made me want to get out and get some!! Bravo!!


  2. Wow guys, I enhoyed reading this blog…not only was it informative, it was fun to read!! I applaid the lot of you for taking the initiative to do your research for this piece.

    PS Mrs. O’reilly is a wonderful teacher and mentor…her words of wisdom will remain with you for many, many years.


  3. Yogurtland is one of my favorite places to get frozen yogurt! I love all the pictures posted in this Blog, and the description of the place was excellent. I will visit Yogurtland this weekend and definitely try some of the toppings mentioned in this post. Congratulations to all the people involved in the creation of this post, you guys did a proffesional and impeccable work of art! Follow your dreams and keep posting!


  4. What a great blog – the students made Yogurtland sound really inviting – I’d love to visit!
    Greetings from Scotland 🙂


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